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June 29, 2007


Frank @ OR

From what I understand, you can't do that because the right-hand lane, the current HOV lane, is not safe enough to handle the traffic as a general-purpose lane.

That lane used to be a shoulder, and so it wasn't designed to accommodate all that traffic. Hence the 3-person HOV requirement.

I agree in theory though.

Jon @ Seattle

Sounds good, but then the buses would need to merge back over into stopped traffic to pick-up/drop-off passengers. Can't imagine that would go over too well.

But agree, 2018 is way too far out.


Sound great, but do it Cali style and let me pay to use the carpool lane via E-Pass. Escrow these funds towards the eventual improvement project. Price it as a real-time congestion charge within a reasonable range of $1 to $100. And fund enforcement with the E-pass revenue.


It's interesting that the HOV lane is open to all traffic during the evenings now while there's repaving work. Why not make the change?

It should be possible to work out the details (say, eliminate some bus stops so buses don't have to cross the blocked lane) without taking years to implement a change.

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